If you have difficulties chewing caused by the lack of teeth, it is helpful to know that at our Clinic you can find the most modern methods for rehabilitating the oral cavity.

We offer:

  • Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges
  • Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges on gold alloy
  • Non-metal crowns and bridges – Procera (the most modern Swedish system)
  • Zirconia, feldspar and leucite of Vita Ivoclar (the state of the art German porcelain system)
  • Ceramic restoration for non-metal crowns
  • Veneers or ceramic flakes
  • Vizil partial dentures with attachments in combination with ceramics porcelain

Non-metal ceramic crowns


Metal-ceramic crowns replaced by non-metal (ceramic) crowns

Prosthodontics 5


prosthetics zirkonia      prosthetics-zirkonia1

Total reconstruction of all teeth in the upper and lower jaw with non-metal ceramics.

Prosthodontics 3

Veneers or ceramic flakes non-metal ceramics

Prosthodontics 7

Metal-ceramic crowns

Prosthodontics 8