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Esthetic dentistry

Esthetic dentistry is a group of different dental treatments which improve the appearance of teeth, gums and by doing so, improve the smile itself. (read more)

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Diode Laser Treatments

Lasers have proven to be an ideal solution in aesthetic dentistry, surgery and endodontics. (read more)

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Periodontal disease and laser therapy

In addition to regular hygiene and tartar removal, one of the most successful methods of prevention and treatment of this disease is Laser therapy. At our clinic we have been applying this method for more than 10 years, and it has shown excellent results. (read more)

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The CAD-CAM system

The CAD-CAM system is a computer device which is used to produce ceramic crowns, fillings and veneers (flakes). The process consists of several steps. First, a 3D digital impression is taken and analyzed, then, the teeth are designed on the 3D model and finally, they are manufactured using a 3D printer. (read more)