The Equipment at Our Disposal

Keeping in Step with the World – the Equipment at Our Disposal

An intraoral camera with an LCD screen installed on the dental chair can display all the details of the teeth andof the oral cavity. The dentist and the patient establish a direct visual communication during examination and therapy.

Intraoral camera

The use of a digital X-ray machine reduces the radiation dose the lowest levels, and allows for an almost instantaneous display of an X-ray digital image that can be saved, viewed or sent via the Internet.

Digital X-ray

Procera technology (scanner) makes it possible to scan a prosthetic restoration model in Belgrade, and to produce it afterwards in a specialized Center in Gothenburg (Sweden). This ensures unrivaled work quality.

Procera technology

A Special Vita Shade – a digital device for teeth shade determination, makes communication between devices and the clinic easier, allowing for the production of a more natural look of the teeth.

A Diode (hard) laser provides numerous possibilities – from surgical interventions on soft tissues, sterilization of the root canal, sensitive tooth neck therapy, to in-office teeth whitening, and much more.

Diode laser

Iradia LLLT (soft laser) is used for bio stimulation. It regenerates soft and hard tissue fibers and cells. It is also used for treatment of TM joint pains, as well as on the inflammation of the maxillary sinus, and much more.

Iradia LLLT

CAD CAM system enables the production of non-metal crowns and fillings in just one visit and in only 60 minutes.

CAD CAM system

The Digital Designer Pro computer program enables dentists to plan, design and show patients a simulation of the teeth before the start of any surgical intervention.

Digital Designer Pro

A special mechanical root canal instrument (ProTaper) delivers safer, more precise and effective treatment results.


Special dental loupes enable us to examine the tiniest details of the teeth and all of the oral cavity soft tissue structures.

Special dental loupes

Ultravac is a vacuum former which enables us to produce protective sheets for bruxism (teeth grinding), mouthguard sheets used in contact sports, bleaching trays, as well as splint sheets which are used after the removal of fixed orthodontic appliances.