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Professional teeth cleaning – AIR FLOW®

Soft and hard dental biofilms (plaque and tartar), as well as teeth stains are not only esthetic issues. These gathered impurities and bacteria endanger gum health.

Bacteria cause chronic gum infection, gingivitis, which can progress to periodontitis. Bacteria infestation on the teeth surface is the key factor for the development of the most common oral cavity disease, caries.

What we recommend

Oral hygiene

Dental plaque is a soft biofilm on the tooth which cannot be removed by rinsing, only by mechanical cleaning (professional dental cleaning). It is believed that 1 square millimeter of plaque surface contains more than 20 * 107 bacteria, among which we are able to identify more than 350 types. Oral hygiene is defined as quality control of plaque appearance in prevention of gingivitis, periodontitis and caries.

It’s important to emphasize that oral hygiene today implies a different way to wash teeth from the method used a few decades ago. The reasons for this are different alimentary habits.

What does it mean? Let’s explain.

Different alimentary habits primarily refer to the ingredients and the consistence of foods which we put inside our mouths, and which affect negatively the oral hygiene between two teeth washes. Namely, today we tend to eat food which is sticky and easily adheres to tooth surface, and stays there long enough to initiate processes which lead to demineralization (melting) of hard dental tissues and the onset of caries.
Besides caries, which is a disease of hard dental tissue, other soft tissue diseases appear as well, such as the above mentioned periodontal diseases. These diseases, among which we include the today’s very widespread periodontitis, become an unpleasant problem when we start to lose teeth which we could have saved.

We have a solution for this as well!

If you wish to keep your teeth and fresh breath, you need professional teeth cleaning! Check it out and you will be sure you have done something important to save your teeth.